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Introducing D's Dazzling Jewelry Summer 2014 Collection

D's Dazzling Jewelry features handmade jewelry all designed and created by our owner Diamond.  We also feature fashion and costume jewelry.  We have jewelry pieces for women, men and children of all ages with a wide stock of handmade jewelry available for purchase now. We also take orders for custom pieces, where the customer picks the colors, lengths etc that they like.

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Summer 2014 Collection 
Please call to purchase 1-240-317-9821
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Friday, April 4, 2014



By Natalie Shields

Nat - What is your real name?

Majestic - My real name is David S. Brown.

Nat - How did the name L. Majestic come forth?

Majestic - The name L. Majestic is a righteous name. I was dealing with the 5% Nation since I was young and my attribute was Lord Majestic, Sun God Allah, but as time went on I just shortened it to L. Majestic. I went through many stage names, but this was the one that defined me the best.

Nat - How did you start out in the business?

Majestic - I started out in this business a few years ago. I say that because I’ve been doing music for years, but on a professional level a few years ago. Since I was young I’ve been rhyming, doing shows, performing in every borough and ciphers in the hood. Basically I live and breathe Hip-Hop.

Nat - What messages do you put out in your music that you want the fans to know about?

Majestic - I have plenty of messages for the listeners from the street to deep songs. I don’t follow a trend; I get a beat and write what I feel. I consider myself a universal artist. I can write about anything, it’s my job to keep them listening. Music is the best form of magic and I’m a magician.

Nat - How does one release 25 mixtapes? Sounds like a great accomplishment.

Majestic - I haven’t released 25 mixtapes. I’ve been featured on 25 mixtapes to date. I started with the Clear the Block (Coast to Coast) mixtapes working with Eleven Ego Crusher, and then was requested for other mixtapes. It became somewhat of a chain reaction. Soon I had Dj’s hitting me back to back for a feature. I’ve been on DJ Jazz mixtapes to Valentino Galafati (GMG). It’s a good way to get a buzz being an unsigned artist.

Nat - Who are some of your motivations?

Majestic - Well my main motivation is my brother Andre Brown (R.I.P) he was always my biggest fan since day one. Motivation for me just comes from everyday life. I always plan to succeed, failure is not an option. I do this for me because actually this is something I’m good at!

Nat - How long have you been out?

Majestic - I’ve been out on an underground level for a while. I’ve had a few setbacks doing about 10 years in the prison system altogether bid after bid, but even in jail rhyming got me through. Battling in the yard, the dorm and wherever people wanted to do it at. I’m back on the streets now and I’m here to stay so I’m gonna stay grinding til L. Majestic is a household name.

Nat - What projects do you have coming up for us?

Majestic - I got a few projects in the works. I just dropped a few tracks with The Underground Fix Company, but I’m putting my solo mixtape together now. There’s gonna be a lot of heat on it. I’m only dealing with heavyweights for this. I’m passed all the local stuff, the only way to really get out there is to link up with the right people. Local = local, I’m on another level. Those who I deal with know the struggle.

Nat - Where can fans find you?

Majestic - You can find my music on SoundCloud, MixCloud, and ReverbNation all under L. Majestic, as well as Worldwide Collaboration website.

Nat - Do you have any shout outs?

Majestic - Yeah I would like to give a shout out to Dyme Squad Magazine for the interview and all the people that support me, plus all the other artists and Dj’s that show love.

Dyme Squad Magazine March 2014 Edited by Norman “@NuMoney079” Newson

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